– Thresholds, Surface Changes, Doorways

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Earlier in the book, we learned that visual disturbances often-times accompany Parkinson’s. One cause may be a lack of dopamine in the retina. This can lead to contrast and depth perception challenges.

In addition to vestibular and visual resets taught in part three, the most effective interventions strategies we have found so far are:

Targets: The use of targets such as agility dots, pieces of tape, or other visual stimulus evenly spaced on the floor (including over thresholds, surface changes, and through doorways) will help to smooth out movement over thresholds, surface changes, and through doorways

Intention with every step / Mindful movement: Again, conscious, or mindful movement helps to bypass the basal ganglia and fire up other areas of the brain.

Mindful movement can be extremely helpful in this situation. As described earlier, when exercising mindful movement, you are consciously paying attention to every step or movement, including every part of each movement.