– The “Take Me Through Your Day” Assessment

This is a Karl Sterling Original assessment. On the modified PAR-Q mentioned above, you’ll find this question: “What are your biggest challenges (with movement) every day, i.e.: walking, turning, sit-to-stand, rolling over in bed, getting out of bed, navigating stairs, typing, texting, chewing, swallowing, etc.?” Learning about a client’s daily challenges is crucial for designing an optimal program in an effort to help improve their quality of life. I call this The Take me Through Your Day assessment. I want them to take me through their day from the time they wake and describe the challenges they generally face.

Imagine your first challenge of the day is: rolling over in bed. At countless workshops around the world, this is an issue for people, but here is the good news: so far, we are at 100% success in getting them to roll over by themselves. It’s all about leveraging the body a certain way, which you will learn shortly.

What about walking? Walking is the most functional movement every day for most of us. Considering that the risk of falling is much higher for a person with Parkinson’s, we want to work on gait training techniques and improve gait as much as possible. Considering this, analyzing gait is the first movement assessment we do. Gait training techniques will follow in an upcoming chapter. For now, let’s talk about assessing gait.