– Power Plate / Whole Body Vibration

The Power Plate® is a vibrating platform which we use prior to movement and exercise. Standing on the platform stimulates natural reflexes, increases muscle activation, and improves circulation. Standing on the platform barefoot is a highly effective method to wake up the nervous systems and brain and prepare you for movement.

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Other benefits of using a Power Plate include:

Reduce motor symptoms in Parkinson’s: This crossover study of 68 Parkinson’s patients examined the effect of whole-body vibration on motor symptoms. There was a highly significant improvement in motor scores with whole body vibration treatment, with improvement in tremor and rigidity scores. (Plate, Research, n.d.)

In all groups low and insignificant correlations between UPDRS improvements and the initial UPDRS score, age, duration of disease or medication were found. (Christian T. Haasa, 2006)

Improved proprioception: Proprioceptive training resulted in an average improvement of 52% across all outcome measures. Applying muscle vibration above 30 Hz for longer durations induced outcome improvements of up to 60%. (Aman JE, 2015)
Improved cardiorespiratory function and muscle strength: Conclusions from a 2009 study show that:

Power Plate training can significantly increase heart rate in men and women between 60 and 80 years of age.

One year of Power Plate training in older individuals leads to significant enhancements in cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle strength.

The results observed in the Power Plate training group were comparable with the increases noted in those who followed an equal number of traditional fitness training sessions. However, Power Plate training was much more time efficient (average 25 min vs. 75 min). (An Bogaerts, 2009)

Reduce falls: A June 2004 study concludes the following:

Power Plate® training–performed on the Power Plate in older women clearly demonstrates that strength and speed of movement increases after 24 weeks of Power Plate training.

Power Plate® training proves to be a safe, suitable Power Plate® training has great potential for application in geriatric and therapeutic settings as a safe, low-impact strength training method. The low exertion and safety of loading elderly subjects may indicate Power Plate training for weakened populations, as well as for people who are not attracted to, or physically able to perform conventional resistance training. (Machteld Roelants, 2004)