– Getting into Quadruped Position (onto all fours)

The next step in getting yourself back to safety will involve getting up onto all fours and ready to crawl. Some people can pop up into this position with little thought and seemingly no effort. Others, however, may experience great difficulty in achieving this position. Either way, practicing this movement is highly beneficial in developing strength.

Read through this exercise (and watch the associated video demonstration on the support website). Then, roll over onto your stomach to a face down position and get ready

• In a face down position, place arms on floor above your head
• Bring hands together and almost touching
• Keep elbows, forearms, and hands on the floor
• Lift your chest off the floor and using forearms as support, inch your elbows and arms down towards your ribcage until the hands are approximately under your forehead
• Push your glutes up towards the ceiling (getting the hips off the floor) while simultaneously using your forearms for support and inching them towards the knees
• Eventually, transfer weight to your hands with palms on the floor and work yourself into quadruped position

Reverse the movement Now, using the same exact steps in reverse, return from quadruped to face down position laying on the floor.

Repeat this exercise getting up onto all fours and returning to starting position. Repeat several times. Master it and you will be ready for the next phase of navigating to safety.

This video demonstrates a specific strategy to get into quadruped position, and back down on the floor again. This is a great exercise to practice daily

Obtaining quadruped position can be very difficult for some people. This is a strategy we find to be very effective