– Circadian rhythm and clock in relation to strength and movement

When our circadian clock is off, we are off and are highly likely to realize compromised strength and movement.

An inadequate amount of sleep can affect movement and impair maximal muscle strength (Olivia E. Knowles, 2018).

While people with PD often times experience sleeping issues, it is important to try and get onto a regular, structured schedule of sleep.

My favorite resource about the importance of sleep is a book entitled Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker, PhD. This book goes deep into discussing why sleep is so important, and for many reasons. The book teaches both short term and long-term benefits of getting an adequate amount of sleep. It also describes the consequences of inadequate amounts of sleep.

Take away message: while an adequate amount of sleep is extremely important, it may be necessary for the patient with PD to consult with their physician or neurologist if they are experiencing sleep issues.