Chapter 16

Gait & Gait Reeducation

In chapter 9, we talked about gait and learned what we need to be looking for during gait assessments. We also discovered how gait will generally improve when we add plantar skin stimulation into the mix.

However, as walking is the most functional movement every day for most of us, getting started with walking and realizing an optimal gait pattern often times warrants what I refer to as gait reeducation (a term I learned from my friend, Dr. Eduardo Guadarrama, an amazing physiotherapist in Monterrey, Mexico).

Over a period of many years or even decades, a person’s gait pattern may change for any number of reasons: injury, pain, compensation patterns, job requirements, lifestyle, surgeries, diseases, disease pathology, etc.

In this chapter, we will discuss common challenges people with PD encounter; from getting started with walking to freezing and more. We will also teach strategies we find helpful to realize improved gait.

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