Chapter 14

Kinesiology Taping

As discussed in part two, kinesiology tape is a powerful sensory input tool we find to be highly effective. It is a favorite among live workshop attendees and with our clients, as well. As we know, people with PD tend to have a forward posture which leads to less than optimal movement and an increased risk of falling. RockTape is my personal favorite brand of kinesiology tape. It sticks well and is the most durable tape I have used.

Below, you can watch several instructional videos about taping.

Taping Introduction

Taping and Parkinson’s

Taping for Posture

Taping for Posture

Taping for External Rotation

Taping for Shoulders Rounded Forward

Taping Upper Back

Taping for Cervical Dystonia

Taping for Plantar Fasciitis #1

Taping for Plantar Fasciitis #2

Tape Removal