Chapter 12

Assessments (part 4)

In the drop down menu, you’ll see assessments discussed in chapter 12 of the book. Included are:

  • Overhead Squat Assessment
  • Vestibular Assessment and Reset
  • Visual Assessment and Reset
  • The Power of Thoughts and Emotions
  • (Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • Circadian rhythm and clock

Movement Professionals: You are a researcher and every client is a subject for your research.

In the beginning of the book, I mentioned that much of our education is based on research. However, I do not allow myself to get hung up using research based only assessments, strategies, and techniques. Therefore, not everything we teach is based on formal research. The fact that research may not exist for a specific tool or technique does not mean it is not effective. If a study gets published tomorrow saying that something is effective, it does not mean it was not effective before the research was completed. If it works, it works.

Movement professionals: I highly recommend you approach every client session as if you are doing research. It is ok to get creative with your clients. As you know, every client is unique in a multitude of ways. Always exercise safety first but think outside the box. Use your knowledge, skills, and experience in combination with techniques outlined in part four of the book. Put it all together and start experimenting with your clients.

I approach every session as if I am in a laboratory doing experiments for an hour. Some experiments work well. Some prove to be an epic fail. Do not let that stop you. If you want to separate yourself from the others in your business, think outside the box and develop some of your own strategies that prove to be effective. This will cause you to grow your skillset and your clients will appreciate what you are doing.

For many years, as I traveled and learned from countless amazing and talented specialists, I have ended up using and/or modifying many techniques in addition to developing my own.

This applies to assessments, as well. In this chapter, it is likely you will read about assessments and resets you have never heard of. But I have included them for a reason. They are relevant and important and work very well nearly all the time.

I would love to add another 25-30 assessments in this book, but if I did that, this book would never have been released!

Be sure to stay up to date on new postings on the support website. We will constantly be adding to it with new assessments, techniques, movements, and strategies.