Chapter 10

Assessments (part 2)

In the drop down menu, you’ll see assessments discussed in chapter 10 of the book. Included are:

  • Mini-BESTest
  • Berg Balance
  • TUG Test
  • Six Minute Walk Test

Since the PD population is at twice (or more) the risk of falling as their peers, you will surely want to take advantage of some standardized assessments. All assessments in this section are within the scope of practice for personal trainers to rate the client’s risk of falling. This will help the trainer to develop optimal programming for their client based on assessment data.

Another advantage of using these assessments is that they are recognized globally by the medical world. Each assessment comes with specific instructions on how to administer along with a scoring system to rate performance. This makes each of these tests reproducible (although human error is always a factor and therefore no two testers will test exactly the same).

Sharing assessment scores allows others in the field (i.e., physical therapists, neurologists, etc.) to have an idea of the patients’ risk of falling before they meet with them.